e-book Cassie and The Wild Cat: Bug in the Rug

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Cassie and The Wild Cat are back and on the bug hunting attack. It seems their home has been invaded by a pest who thinks he is better than the rest.
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And Cassie is already showing he ex what he's missing, taking to Instagram to share a series of sultry pictures. The year-old posed in form-fitting activewear that showcased her enviable curves and ample cleavage. The zip was down most of the way and the outfit hugged her hourglass physique. She had her brunette locks styled out and swept to one side while staring down the camera lens with a sultry glare. Stunning: After news of their split hit the media, Cassie took to Instagram to post a sexy shot in revealing workout clothes. Another shot had Cassie opt for a similar activewear look from the same brand in a blue shade.

Cassie's post comes after The Shade Room announced earlier in the day that her relationship with Diddy was over after nearly 11 years. New love? A rep for the year-old singer confirmed to the publication that the couple has officially split and sources told the outlet that the pair ' have been broken up for months now. The couple split once before in December following an explosive argument, rumored to be over Huynh. That row even resulted in a visit from police, but the two later reunited in August.

After the photos surfaced in July, Diddy was accused of cheating on Cassie, who he's been linked to since Spotted: Hours after the news broke that Diddy might have a new love in his life, his rumored girlfriend was spotted out getting her hair done in LA. Date night: The couple took the same car together and dined at the popular paparazzi hangout.

Move over: According to new claims, Cassie is out and a young Icelandic Chinese model is in. Is it true? While a rep for Cassie confirmed the split, there has been no word on the producer's rumored new love. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Cassie flaunts rocking body and shows Diddy, 48, what he's missing Share this article Share.

Share or comment on this article: Cassie flaunts rocking body and shows Diddy, 48, what he's missing e-mail Most watched News videos Two girls are found dead after being left inside a hot car Woman shockingly rips windscreen wiper from an Uber on night out Devastating flooding in South East France sees seven dead Behind-the-scenes Royal Family in unaired BBC documentary K-pop star Goo Hara has been found dead at her home in Seoul Woman is run over by speeding car as she walked on the pavement 'We're a mess': Former PM Tony Blair criticises both party leaders Chaos as mass brawl breaks out at cinema in Birmingham CCTV shows thieves smashing into jewellery cabinet at museum Car flies off overhead bridge in India and almost crushes bystanders Uighur Muslim reveals stories from inside Chinese 'education camp' Aggressive man screams at Tory campaigner while he's out canvassing.

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e-book Cassie and The Wild Cat: Bug in the Rug

More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Today's headlines Most Read Pictured: Jeffrey Epstein is massaged by his assistant and surrounded by a bevy of women including his British tourist, 25, who ran off into bushland after hitting his head while camping with friends near the Nine Bloody Sunday veterans face threat of murder charges after fresh probe - despite the Paras being told Jeremy Corbyn wants children to be taught about the 'injustice' of the British Empire in school as part of a But to get there, they must pass by Trumpy the tollbooth troll, who charges a toll of one cartwheel each.

Emmy worries about what to do because she doesn't want to admit that she doesn't know how to do a cartwheel. Cassie's favorite big sister, Sophie, is going away to cooking school, and Cassie is devastated to see her go. So her friends try to cheer her up.

Ord's friends help him learn to count in Spanish by playing games. Quetzal lends Max a rare golden scale from the Gilded Dragon, and he loses it. The others help him look for it, but with no luck, and he finally decides to tell Quetzal the truth about what happened. On what is supposed to be the very best day of the year for picking dragonberries, the kids and dragons can't seem to find any berries at all. While playing in the big basketball game against the School on the Lake, Emmy tries to remember Quetzal's advice to relax and just have fun—but that's hard to do when the other team starts teasing her.

Captain Scalawag accidentally pulls the plug on Dragon Lagoon, and the little creatures who live there panic as the water starts draining away. While the captain creates a temporary home for the silligaunas and hissyfish, the kids and dragons try to figure out how to refill the lagoon. Max, Emmy, and the dragons throw Enrique a surprise birthday party, and he's thrilled that his new friends have gone to so much trouble.

But he can't help missing his old friends and the traditions that are part of birthday celebrations in Colombia. Later, everyone is excited about going to Willie the Snow Seal's birthday party, but there's one problem: Willie lives across a frozen pond, and Zak and Wheezie don't know how to ice skate. Emmy takes her new skateboard to Dragon Land, and Ord asks to try it out.

But he loses his balance, and the skateboard shoots out from under him and disappears.

Cassie and the Wild Cat

Max is teamed with Lorca to hunt for exotic flowers, and he worries that a little guy and a dragon in a wheelchair won't be able to do much. But Lorca shows him that they can accomplish a lot together if they use their heads. Princess Kidoodle is called away and names Ord "Prince for a Day. Wheezie's trumpet playing scares away the Juggle-Bug Zak wants to play with. But when Wheezie's sheet music gets blown away, it turns out that the Juggle-Bug has memorized the music.

So Max and Wheezie decide to work together to play a duet. Cassie doesn't like her new nickname but is having trouble speaking up about it. Max and Emmy visit Snow Summit and discover that their snow friends Chilly and Nippy are in danger of melting away because the weather is warming up.

Cassie's mom accidentally sends Finn's blankie to the laundry, so Cassie leads the gang on a trip to retrieve it. Wheezie loses his patience when entrusted with a magical box.

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The dragons make friends with a new student at the School in the Sky: Lorca, a fun-loving, magic trick-performing extrovert who uses a purple wheelchair to get around. Having lost his lucky stone, Ord has also lost his confidence when it comes to flying. Max helps him recover both and learn that he never really needed the stone to fly anyway. Meanwhile, Max has his heart set on riding the Dragon Land Express—but then the gang discovers that some of the tracks are missing.

Zak and Wheezie's personalities are switched by a magical statue, and they learn a lot about each other while working to retrieve the statue so it can switch them back to normal. At the annual Custard Egg Hunt, Quetzal hides six special eggs for the gang to find.

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Booboogone can make him a giant batch of "Itch Be Gone" cream. A new neighbor named Enrique is having trouble adjusting to life in a new country and making friends at school. So Max and Emmy decide to ask him to join them on a trip to the friendliest place they know—Dragon Land! Max and Emmy arrive in Dragon Land and learn that their friends are lost in a forest of puzzles.

A Dragon-Fairy explains that they'll have to go through three doors and solve three "match-it" puzzles to find their way out. Later, Greta the Gremlin asks the gang to watch her three magic boxes for her while she chases her blown-away hat.

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Even though Greta says not to open the boxes while she's gone, Wheezie just has to see what's inside. Wheezie accidentally breaks Zak's snoot flute, and an obnoxious little creature called a Grudge latches onto Zak's back. Quetzal tells him that the Grudge thrives on anger and hurt and that the only way to make it go away is to be honest with Wheezie about his anger. When Ord is too afraid to go into the new funhouse at the carnival because he doesn't know what's inside, the kids and dragons decide to build a funhouse of their own.

Max, Emmy, Ord, Cassie, and Wheezie practice a new game for a party Spike is throwing, but run into a snag when Zak says he doesn't want to play because the game hurts his injured arm. They figure out a new way to play the game that doesn't hurt Zak—and start a trend. Max and Emmy go to Dragon Land to fly their new kite. But when they get there, the dragons tell them that Mr. Wind is very sick.

See a Problem?

So they all take him to the doctor and do their best to help him get well. Later, Zak goes along with the others to a fair, but refuses to try any new rides or foods. Ord is having trouble learning a song and dance for Dragontine's Day, so his friends help him see how the words to the song can help him remember the steps. Ord gets frustrated while playing Hide and Seek and wants to quit. But after his friends help him learn a better way to search, he ends up having a lot of fun. Max accidentally ruins everyone's clay sculptures because he doesn't want to wait for them to dry, then rushes his friends through their trip to get more clay.

Finally the others explain how important it is to be patient and wait, even when it's difficult. Everyone is excited about going to Willie the Snow Seal's birthday party, but there's one problem: Willie lives across a frozen pond, and Zak and Wheezie don't know how to ice skate.

So Max and Emmy help them out. Zak's new dragondisk gets all sticky and gooey in Marchmallow Marsh, and the only way to clean it is to dip it into Crystal Fountain in the Crystal Cave.

To get into the cave, the friends must find things that match the three shapes on the door. Max and Emmy are helping build a fence to protect some baby animals, and Max volunteers to watch the animals while the others go get more wood. But his attention wanders—and so does Oinkers, a dragonpig.

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When his friends return, they have to go looking for Oinkers. Later, after a torrential storm, the dragons discover an uprooted baby flower named Lilly helplessly floating downstream and have to figure out how to take care of her long enough to get her back to her family.

Cyrus the Serpent steals Max and Emmy's new detective kit so he can use it during a treasure hunt. So Cassie and her friends use the most valuable mystery-solving tools of all—their heads—to get it back. Cassie brings Kiki and Finn to school, but the little dragons get restless and start to fuss.