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It enchants and cajoles when the mood is playful and rapturous. Things are gloriously played with great pathos, humor, swiftness, and sweetness. And under his tutelage, the entire "Phantom" cast unite and raise their voice in song without ever once missing a single beat, pulse, note, harmony, rhythm or piece of important music.

Simply beautiful. His grasp of the material is so solid and honest, it's impossible not to be thrilled or moved by it all, despite familiarity with the subject matter, the characters, and the actual ending. Throughout the two-act musical, there's plenty to enjoy and applaud here as Polum pays close attention to the 19th-century atmosphere, locale and period of the "Phantom" story, its character interaction and exchanges and various shifts in plotting.

It's all very melodramatically conceived by the director and intriguing reenacted by the performers, all of whom are with Polum every step of the way. The pulverizing, thrilling quality of "Phantom" is anchored by the rich, intelligent performances if its leading and supporting players. Possessing a fine, commanding voice well suited for musical theater, he takes hold of the many songs Yeston has created for the production and brings the necessary strength, resonance and passion to every one of them, including "Where in the World," "Home" and "You Are Music," his emotionally driven duet with Christine.

Acting wise, he offers a deep, dark and impassioned portrayal of a wounded, tortured, unworldly outcast that is real, raw, awkward and affectingly played. Opening the show with the harmonious "Melodies de Paris," she acts the part lovingly and sings beautifully and powerfully throughout the two-act musical. Snarky, devious and egotistical, Sandy Rosenberg, returns to WBT to play the part of the desperate, egotistical Opera diva Carlotta after an eleven-year absence.

It's a wild, outrageous full-bodied role that the actress plays with scene-stealing glee and icy contempt. Her expressions, body language, double takes and line delivery is perfectly in sync with the author's wicked intentions as she dazzles, taunts and chews up the scenery and anyone else who gets in her way. Then again, that's the point, isn't it? Her big territorial character turn "This Place Is Mine" is acted and sung in true diva fashion.

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  • I don't know how to love him (the Phantom of the Opera, that is)!

And when her just demise comes in the middle of Act II via electrocution by the title character, it's a fitting end to her dastardly deeds that's played to the hilt by both performers and the special effects team at WBT. It's a superb character turn, both vocally and musically. Larry Luck is a charming and handsome enough Count Philippe de Chandon, exuding proper dash and personality. But sadly, he isn't given much to do in the story. Technically, this production of "Phantom" is suitable for framing.

Saw the Phantom of the Opera on Saturday and it was amazing. There was so much to look at I think that I need to go see it again to catch everything that I missed!

Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera Movie Review

Would highly recommend this to anybody! Arax from Los Angeles, CA. Once my friend found out i was traveling to New York, he suggested that i go see the Phantom of the Opera. I am so glad i did. It was an experience that i will remember for the rest of my life. Amazing cast, beautiful performers - truly majestic. Worth every penny Jude from scotland uk. I do have one regret though, I so wish I had seen it a few more times, never mind always an excuse to go back. Lauryn Torina from Detroit ,MI. The title says it all.

Thius musical is and always will be my favorite by far! It has everything I look for, great music dancing and plot.

I love it because it isnt your average musical where everyone is happy and busrts into song. It it has a darker, edgier twist to it, and is amazing!!!!

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Toni Haigler from Brooklyn, New York. What a beautiful musical! Three of us saw Phantom on March 8th, We thoroughly enjoyed it.

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I have not seen others play The Phantom, but have heard some of their recordings. I must say that Howard McGillin's voice is the finest I've heard sing the part. His acting brought out all of the qualities needed to play a reclusive, slightly demented, yet endearing man like The Phantom. I was almost brought to tears by his rendition of Music of the Night.

I am always thrilled by a musical which has beautiful costuming, and clever set changes. I was not disappointed this time. My only complaint would be that I need to see it a few more times to catch all that happens on the stage! Andrew Lloyd Webber - you rock! Chanalle from Seattle. This was one of my favorite plays. Just beautiful. I wish I could see it again. It truely brought my spirit up just to watch the phantom appear. Rose Willis from South Carolina.

I loved watching it. I was great. I met Howard and we talked. It was just fantastic. I met his dog, Teddy, as well. Great dog. Jennifer Hope Wills was a great Christine. I absolutely love it. This is my 7th time watching this musical in New York. Trust me, if I weren't counting where I am watching this musical. The number would be 20th time. Right now, I am in my hotel room writing this message since I am going to watch it tomorrow!

I can't wait. Had great seats in row C slightly to the left of center. The music at moments grabs you and pulls you towards the stage. The costumes were exeptional as were the stage effects. There were several scenes where so much was going on i.

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The Phantom's voice was powerful and his performance spectacular. Highly recommend it. I love his mask and the makeup on his face.

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I like his hungover lip. I think Micheal Crawford and Gary Somebody was the best phantoms. This musical is a must-see delight. From the shadows of the Dungeons to the bright glares of the stages; this musical has it all. Romance enchants, while darkness blends, and just in the middle of it, sadness flows, making this musical a great treat. It is a phenomenon. I promise you won't regret watching this from any parts of the audience because you can experience it's magic anywhere.

Harry Pfarrer from Burn after reading.

Really, I mean nowadays you would expect George Clooney's affairs, Brangelina's twins, and all of that mess, but if you look back to the 80's, that is a gold! Phantom of the Opera, a fantastic musical with a deformed, disfigured genius, whatever you's call it trying to lure a girl to his place. Well, what a classic love tale, no?

Not quite. Well, the girls leaves him, leaving him emotionally scared forever, not that he already is, but a deeper scar. And it gets even more heartbreaking when the girl returns to give him her ring. Well, she leaves nothing behind except memories for the Phantom.

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He cries and is lost forever. Classic tale, right?

Well, no matter what I said, it is just a sketchy outline, the real story is quite complicated and even more heartbreaking, a guy can only take so much. So all I can say is for you to work sweat n' hard for tickets and feel good. Bon Apetite at 21, too!