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The Inflammation Revolution: A Natural Solution for Arthritis, Asthma & Other Inflammatory Disorders [Georges M. Halpern] on *FREE* shipping on.
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Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. NOOK Book. With the risks of many anti-inflammatory prescription drugs continuing to make headlines, it is vital for arthritis sufferers, asthmatics, and others with inflammation-related disorders to find safer options. Georges M. A Fellow of the American Academy. See All Customer Reviews.


Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. About the Author Georges M. Halpern is board certified in internal medicine and allergy. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Like many other diseases in our culture, gastrointestinal disorders are on the rise. There's never been anything like it before. It's not a pain reliever, herb or anti-inflammatory. It has the unique ability to normalize the immune system. Once that occurs, the destruction stops, and the pain and inflammation are automatically relieved.

Your body then has a chance to heal itself and return to normal. Most users report significant relief in two weeks or less. Even in severe cases it rarely takes longer than 21 days. Take three capsules in the morning and then again at night for 16 days, then say goodbye to the problems of arthritis. Only one bottle is all that is needed in most cases. It works for both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It works for all other types of arthritis except gouty arthritis. It is naturally derived from beef. Similar substances have long been used in common foods including cheese and chocolate.

This treatment is accepted by the modern medical community.

It is natural, drug free and non-toxic. One bottle of capsules is all you should ever need for relief from the symptoms of arthritis for the rest of your life. Muller of Ferndale, Mich. He knows, he's taken it. Muller had osteoarthritis for 30 years. Muller is no longer troubled by arthritis. In that book he says: " If you have rheumatoid arthritis, or you know someone who has it, then you know I am reporting a miracle Sands the director of the San Diego Clinic knows there's a cure. He's taken it and now he says, "I was rescued from arthritis". In that book he says, "The arthritic process can be halted.

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Arthritis can be reversed. The pain and inflammation can be relieved. And it's all been done without any harmful side effects. Ten years with arthritis Just watch me make up for lost time. It cured my knee problems, and it's performing every bit as well for my patients, too.

I've seen several 'miracle cures' already. I was a professional athlete all my life. Even knee surgery didn't do that for me.

Inflammation Revolution

The following questions were answered by the doctors, staff and research associates of the San Diego Clinic:. Deformed fingers and toes are often caused by inflammation which swells joints and pushes the bones out of place. Reduction of the swelling alone improves appearance dramatically and often allows the dislocated bones to return to their normal positions. Extreme cases may require some physical therapy. Even most persons previously confined to bed or to wheelchairs have responded dramatically and are now no longer dependent on others for care.

A number of these cases received additional benefit from repeating the treatment one more time The cost of the treatment is very modest.

Most arthritis victims are already spending more on pain and anti-inflammation medications in just a few months. Since you usually need to take only one set of CMO capsules, it actually saves thousands of dollars in the long run. Current studies include CMO as a part of therapeutic protocol for other disorders with autoimmune components including multiple sclerosis, leukemia, lupus, emphysema, certain cancers, begin prostrate hyperplasia, silicon breast disease, and especially asthma.

This site contains exciting information about a naturally derived substance called CMO.

It is being hailed by it's users, doctors and the media as the cure for arthritis CMO has been clinically tested and found to relieve the symptoms of virtually all forms of arthritis except gouty arthritis. CMO is a one time treatment consisting of capsules taken orally over a period of 16 days. The benefits of CMO should last a lifetime. CMO can benefit almost everyone who suffers from arthritis with just one treatment. The treatment program is fast, easy, safe and very effective.

CMO can halt arthritis and prevent future pain, swelling and stiffness.

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CMO can rescue someone from the physical damage that a future with arthritis holds. With the research concluded, effectiveness improved, medical community acceptance, imposters and counterfeiters in check, the television commercial finished, the books written, and the distribution arranged, CMO can finally finish it's 26 year long journey from the point of discovery to benefit the general public. As we mentioned earlier in the CMO Information section, in their October 28, issue, Time magazine reported on the three most promising developments in arthritis research.

According to doctors that is exactly what CMO does. It corrects the disease at the source in the immune system and doesn't require a lifetime maintenance program. Jason Theodosakis' book The Arthritis Cure for gives the impression that glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are the cure for arthritis. In fact neither of those substances have any effect on arthritis Even the Arthritis Foundation says The Arthritis Cure is not recommended and they cannot recommend glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate as a treatment for osteoarthritis or any other form of arthritis.

Speaking of the Arthritis Foundation, they will neither confirm, nor deny that CMO is the cure for arthritis. To this day, despite the fact that CMO has cured some of their members, the only official comment the AF has made, was to suggest that when taking CMO, you should consult your physician before reducing steroids or other medications. According to doctors, clinical studies, users and the media, CMO would certainly seem like the most likely candidate to be given the true title being of a "cure" for arthritis.

When asking Dr. Sands if CMO is the only cure for arthritis he replies:. With this joint research effort, a network of communication is established between all medical professionals and distributors. This allows for up to the minute information sharing.

The depression-inflammation link: Is a treatment revolution coming?

This will facilitate the application of CMO to uses other than for arthritis. Currently, studies for the use of CMO on other auto-immune diseases are in progress. It is hoped that the Lupus Foundation will conduct one such study. We have offered to fund the protocol.

Current studies of CMO as a part of therapeutic protocol for other diseases include asthma, sclerederma, fibromyalgia, lupus, emphysema, certain cancers, and benign prostrate hyperplasia. Medical Doctor. Auto wreck ten years earlier damaged hip, caused limp and arthritis. CMO relieved pain permanently in one day for the first time after many years.